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Sensei Smith update on the BAF summer school that took place in August.

We discussed a lot of things, after we had reminisced of how and where we’d met and trained together, I got back to saying I’d be visiting the Hombu next April with Patrick and several others which may include Barbara and Roger so far (I think when times and dates are sorted this should be available to anyone wishing to come), also that I’d be writing to Mr Tani with our intentions to grade at our first major weekend course in October.

Overall, I felt the meeting was a complete success in the sense I had done what I set out to do, in making it absolutely clear of the intentions and stance of Go Shin Kai.

The day was rounded off nicely by training all afternoon with Kobayashi sensei where Patrick, I’m pleased and proud to say took ukemi for quite a lot of the time on both classes, there again, Sensei acknowledged our visit!. After the class Mrs Kanetsuka came and chatted for a while, and was very friendly, she said I and all GSK were welcome, and I sent my best regards to Kanetsuka sensei, and hoped to catch up with him in the near future.

Hope this is of interest.

Mike Smith

Go Shin Kai

Principal and Technical Director