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Stehpen Brignall has been a strong member of Gloucester Aikido Club and brings to the Association a wealth of corporate knowlegde.

GSK Chairman

I have been assisting Dennis Cantillion since 1994 in the teaching at Stroud and Gloucester.  This has involved taking the class when Dennis has been away and assisting when Dennis has split the class.

I have attended many of the teaching courses over the years and have regularly attended Shihan W. Smith’s monthly Sunday classes.

I have worked closely with and influenced a number of club members in their run up to gradings, in particular Andy Packer, Steve Lobley, Darren Wells, Ian Webb, Richard Prosser and Philip Cook, who are all now dan grades.  I am currently helping Eric Weir, who is looking to retake his dan grading shortly.

I started a club in Tetbury late in 2006 in order to teach and train more regularly, so most of my plan for 2007 was to do with the establishment of this club.  The club is now well established and has 6 to 8 regular students with 3 beginners.  I have been to Japan twice in 2005 and 2007 both to practice at Hombu dojo and to experience Japanese culture first hand.  I'd like to go back again soon.

I now teach most Sundays in Stroud and every Wednesday in Tetbury.  Outside of Aikido I am the technical director for SCISYS Plc, a software development company with offices in the UK and Germany.  This involves a significant amount of travel but I manage to fit Aikido in to a busy schedule.