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took part in the weekend long course.  Students from the breath of the country came and supported the event and it was nice to meet new faces from Huddersfield….Welcome.

The weekend opened with Sensei Smith followed by Sensei Douras.  I must take a moment to mention at this point myself and a few of the senior instructors had to depart as we were also holding a “teachers course” next door.  I can only say that our teachers course was very informative and made us think of the relationship between the body art and the weapon!

Saturday afternoon proved to be a nervous weekend for some as it would be their first time Goshinkai yudansha would be grading!  From what I was told the morning started off quite steady as students attempting to replicate what was being taught at the time.  By lunch time you could feel a bit of tension in the air.

Part two of the course was really interesting as it followed nicely with what was being taught the day before, but the atmosphere was very much like the courses we used to have a Ren Shin Kan with Shihan William Smith…lots of humility and respect for all students and instructors alike…really nice.

I must say this now…aikido is a beautiful art that enables all walks of life to partake.  When you can train with fellow aikidoka who have just started to learn the basics and then train with a 70 year old veteran who is looking to obtain his next promotion…you can see the beauty in the art!  

As quite a few people had a a long journey ahead, we decided to finish a little earlier to allow for them to travel back safely but not before announcing the results of the grading's

All candidates Proved their worth during the grading’s which was really good to see, especially Mr Wells grading which provided some much needed ukemi for me!  Goshinkai are please to announce the following promotions:

Eric Weir      : Ni dan Promotion
Chris Powell  : Ni dan Promotion

Darren Wells : San dan Promotion

Congratulations  and well done to all!

Sensei Palmer

Go Shin Kai Spring Course 2017