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Go Shin Kai Aikido House of Harmonious Spirit

The list below are of clubs/associations who we have built up a long lasting friendship over the years which we truly value.

If you wish to be added to our list of family and friends, then please do us the honour of added us to your website too!

Aikido Family and Friends

Our family is close-knit but we are spreading our wings and seeking new opportunities to train with others!

“Domo Arigato”

Chinshindo Coventry

Kyu Shin Kan


Asoryu Aikido Club

Shun Poo Kan

Ren Sei Kan
Kidderminster Aikido Club

Up (parent)

Gloucester Aikido Club

Bloomsbury Aikido Club

Zanshin-kai Aikido Club

Aikikai Foundation

British Aikido Board